OSL-Series Panels Complete Package 1 - As Shown with Desks

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If you are looking for panel systems, then these room dividers from COE are perfect for you. This is a complete package for panel systems, and it includes both the items from PANELSYSTEM1 and a set of desks and storage items to take all the guesswork out of creating a partitioned office. This package includes upholstered panels, opaque view through panels, a 2 drawer personal cabinet, an open bookcase, an open hutch, a desk top, a unite leg, a wardrobe storage unit, and much more. The panels are made of durable and strong materials, and have a contemporary trim that adds eye-catching details to the workstation. These pewter colored panels with a charcoal frame will definitely prove to be the ultimate solution for the reconfiguration of your workstations.
  • Variety of finishes
  • Sturdy material
  • Sophisticated, chic design


 1:   2 Drawer Personal Cabinet                                                            PL1012

 1:   Standing Desk Open Shelf Cabinet (TOP NOT INCLUDED)          PL2013

 1:    File or Storage Top                                                                       PL110                      

 1:    Open Hutch                                                                                   PL1044OH

 1:    Optional Laminate Door                                                               PL44LD

 1:    Hutch Support Pair 1                                                                   PLTLPHS20

 2:    Rectangular Top - Requires Base 5                                            PLT2472

 1:    Desk Riser 1                                                                                PLTLP24DR

 2:    Adjustable Beam 1                                                                      PLTADJMDB4872

 3:    Unite Leg Base -24"                                                                    PLTULEG24 

 3:    Connector Beam Bracket 1                                                         PLTCBBSINGLE

 1:    Storage & Wardrobe Cabinets                                                    PL207     

 3:    24"W Upholstered Panel                                                            SP6624

 1:    72"W Upholstered Panel                                                            SP6672

 4:    36"W Opaque View - Through Panels                                       SPG6636

 3:   2 Way Corner Connector 66"                                                       SP266               

 2:   End Cap 66"                                                                                  SPCAP66         




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