OSL-Series Wardrobe Tempered Glass Silver Frame Cabinet Door For PL150, PL151

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  • Storage cabinets and personal units are among the most common pieces of furniture found in any home or office, but what could be better than elevating the aesthetics of this type of furniture by using a tempered glass silver framed cabinet door? This tempered glass silver framed cabinet door from the OSL Laminate Collection by COE is a great investment to make for any home or office. The tempered glass used in this cabinet door also makes it stronger and more durable than a regular cabinet door. For use with the PL150 personal unit and the PL151 storage cabinet, this tempered glass silver framed cabinet door is the ideal addition to these types of furniture. What's even better is that with this tempered glass silver framed cabinet door, you can keep all of your personal belongings and important files or documents stored and organized without them being on display. The silver frame of the glass door also gives your cabinet a luxurious and elegant look, which further enhances the beauty of your furniture.
    • Fits PL150 and PL 150 cabinets
    • Tempered glass
    • Silver finish
    • Overall Width: 65.50''

      Overall Depth: 0.50''

      Overall Height: 18.70''

Limited lifetime warranty.
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